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Misha Bittleston:

Viewing the art on this site

This site's conceptual section represents what was once the "artsite". Now significantly changed, it was first published on the web in 1997/98. Initially built to evoke a maze-like experience. After meandering its wings and hallways, a visitor could leave wondering how many corners had been left undiscovered. The initial concept for the artsite was that it should be a pure visual experience, the idea being that just as visual art stands as its own statement, so this visual art site would be complete with images only and no text. The textless experience was a valid experiment, but some years later you are afforded the opportunity to also enjoy the visual experience of text.

Some elements of the original "artsite" are preserved in the embarrasingly named Conceptual art section. Most but not all the content can be found in more accessible forms elsewhere on the site, namely the Visual Art Archive which is an exhaustive portfolio/library containing hundreds of images. While many enjoyed the excitement and mystery of navigating through a site with no direction, its complexity made it hard to keep current and even harder to maintain as a significant repository of work. Though the new site may be less warm, it detracts less from its main purpose of presenting the work. Please pardon the lack of warmth as you are able to more easily view the work that the sits is here to present.

The site map is a good way to get adjusted to the content of the site, and most any content found elswhere can be fount in the Works/Archive which is at the center of the site as a library of work.

Those who visit the Works section regularly will see that it is constantly growing, and due to its being easy to update it may now contain paintings that are within days or sometimes hours of being finished. The nature of the Works section and its large size means that it can sometimes be slower than the non dynamic areas of the site, but the functionality that this interactive image inventory offers, makes this a worthwhile tradeoff.

The pieces on the home page are displayed at random from a selection of pieces. By clicking an image, then clicking on the right or left of the image once it is open, you can navigate through all the images that have appeared on the home page.

This site uses standardized font families with one exception, sunwalk fontworks freeware Sigmund (TrueType) font. Download it as a ZIP file or a TTF file.

To Send Images As Postcards:
When viewing full-size images, click the "Send As A Postcard" link at the bottom of the page, or in the pop-up.

Save your own sets of images from the Works/Archive section of this site:
When viewing images in the Archive, click the "Add to Binder" link under each of the images you want to save, the link will change from "Add to Binder" to "Remove from Binder", this adds the selected image to your "Binder" (the images you add to your binder will be remembered for your future visits).
When you have selected all the images you want to save, click the "Binder" in the upper right, this will display all the images you have added. From here you can play them as a slide show, download the images compressed in a Zip file, or email/share your Binder.

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To Rate the Paintings:
Click "Rate" in the pop-up next to full-size images.

Misha Bittleston ¦
Winner: World Web Award of Excellence for for originality, overall design and appearance, ease of navigation, and content.

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