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Stop! Please read this disclaimer. By proceeding you are making a legal statement that you assume full responsibility for your actions and are old enough and wise enough to know better, to the effect that you cannot un-see or un-experience what you may see in this section, as the following works may contain content that you might deem offensive, obscene or inappropriate, be advised that you have been warned and may now leave this site; all this considering you may not have a reliable forgetory.

shadow chalking
This is a Flickr badge showing Misha Bittleston's photos in a set called shadow chalking.
This is a series of ongoing works in a variety of media.
These works are their own communication vehicle, the arteries for that which they were created to embody.

They range from the ambiguous, as in the homage to Rameau, to the political "Save Tibet" and "Magdalen" a political campaign to clear the name of Maray Magdalene.
There are some that draw strongly on my paintings (that can be seen in the works section of this site), such as "Pressure" and "Venus" which has been on this site since its inception.

The conceptual art section of this site emerged out of the whim of experimentation. I make these pieces as part of their own process adventures, because they started so they must continue for their own sake. As such they are works in progress.

I had previously placed them on the site like orphans, as if it did not matter who they were here for. The development of this area is a contextualizing of intentionally created pieces that fall into a particular genre. Calling this section "oddities" or "side shows" would bend definition enough to make it an uncomfortable choice.

Due to the fact that so much of this work uses the medium of the web, it is, not surprisingly, sometimes not consistent; I have tried to make it applicable to the web's inconsistency, but considering that viewers are different, you might easily be an exception, if something doesn't seem right and if you care enough, try a different aproach.

When I state that I use the web as a medium, it is clear that this is rather like saying, I make images in the medium of paint, actually I think this should be enough to go on. My web experiments vary from the standard to the hemoraging edge, unfortunately for some viewers. The most complex of these pieces "Net Mind Web Collage" (still a working title, which I am comfortable to call conceptual) is a web-based program that runs from the server each time the page is visited or refreshed. I use new media to develop these works that approach the web as an honest and serious medium for artistic expression.

Navigation note: Clicking may take the iteration of a piece.

Following are brief synopses.

This is travel, movement, the awareness of space, distance, space free of time, travel through non-physical space.

Shower Painting
These paintings have seen me naked. Process documentation...

[Example Web Collage Screen Captures]Desire Tableau (Net Mind)
The act of searching on the web, performed by millions, is creativity at its most unselfconscious, and I see it as an important part of contemporary culture.
Each page view is a glimpse into the modern and the present, into impulse culture, a momentary snapshot of the whims, needs and desires of the networked world.
Desire Tableau 1
The least reliable result, and most abstract, it may present nothing all or only one image, but it is close to being magical at times. The images and overlaying text are viewed over the web based on conceptually independent criteria and have not been intentionally related. None of the content resides on this site. Filtered to remove obscene content.
Desire Tableau 2
Similar but more reliably displays a consistent web collage; the images are directly related to search text, in that they have been found based on one of the lines of overlaying text. Repetition in search terms has been minimized. Filtered to remove obscene content.
Desire Tableau 3
Unfiltered and with searchable text links. Images are retrieved and displayed based on text. Repetition in search terms has been minimized. The content is based on searches that are currently being performed and results are drawn directly from these and not filtered, so be warned, they may contain content that some may find obscene and/or offensive.

Female Moods
What does this mean? I am not sure if there is an intellectually meaningful answer, and this is the point. Moods are certainly no more a female attribute than that of a male, as exemplified by mine. (Maybe what I mean is that) I have experienced some female moods that when viewed narrowly are a hauntingly complex collage of intellectual contradictions but which in the broad view make total sense and have a complex set of corresponding meanings that, seen together, defy argument and which are so packed with truth as to define their own reality. Why then should I not still search for the rational source of these? Like Freud, I am a man, or maybe this comes from a compelling combination of fear and curiosity to having emotionally charged experiences that defy microscopic understanding and to experience uncharted states of being for which there is some kind of macro super-rational counterpart?

This is the anti-defamation of Mary Magdalene. Sure, Jesus objected when people tried to kiss his feet out of devotion, not protesting when a sex worker kissed and perfumed his feet and then wiped them with her hair, but that person was not Mary Magdalene nor was she his wife.

Misunderstanding Misunderstanding Misunderstanding
No one understands you, and no one ever will. Get over it, and realize how hard it is to know yourself even a little better.

One Thing
Aside from change, what else is certain? One thing!

Life is stressful. Character's measured by the ability to handle pressure. There's no success without stress. To grow up requires developing the inward tools and strength to manage in a state of diminished capacity.

Regne Amour
Love rules almost all.
Homage to the French Baroque composer Jean Phillip Rameau, who's compositions have been mistakenly played at low volume.

Reverse Beheading Reverse Beheading
Reverse Beheading
Sometimes when life decapitates, the head grows back.

Save Tibet
The Chinese government has destroyed more than 6,000 Tibetan monasteries and their irreplaceable cultural contents. The Chinese government still claim that they are the liberators of the Tibetan people and are doing the Tibetans a favor.

Self Portrait
This stuff is embarrassing, I am not sure if this should be here at all. Like autobiographies, self-portraits are the most dishonest and distorted concoctions of lies and superficial mirrors of self-reflecting-deception. Why do artists make self-portraits? Get a model Misha! Argh!

Under Construction
This site, these pieces and I myself are all works in progress. Not original but true.

Venus (Birth of)
Beauty is not possible without change. This irony underscores the popular symbiotic relationship between destruction and creation. Nature keeps changing and stays beautiful.

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