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Weaving Illusion Into Reality
by Bernadette Wolff

Misha Bittleston: Ramada NYE 1, 2004-01-01   Light and shadow has never looked so good as it does in the art portfolio of Misha Bittleston.  He lends a versatility and vibrance never before known to this medium, so deftly defying color that his work could only futilely be described as monochromatic.  Come experience his hallucinatory genius, drown in his wisdom, watch as he captures chance in a romantic blend of curiosity and drama.

   Travel through space and time with him, through cosmic rain, tattooed tire tread marks, The Shroud of Turin, a haywire zygote—or whatever it is you see in his Rorschach feel of macabre allure.  His canvas will rush in and awe you, incite you, excite you, take you back into your inner self, where you will learn to appreciate heaven, hell, and all points in between with the spontaneity of an exuberant child and the edification of a scholar.

   Does it sound unusual?  It is. Experience the compelling work of Misha Bittleston for yourself.  Let him weave your illusion into reality.

Bernadette Wolff

Author Bernadette Wolff (New Jersey, USA)
Author of crime fiction and poetry. Poetry Book ‘These Four Walls: Selected Poems’ available through


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