Essay by Bernadette Wolff ∼ Breaking Down the Barriers

Breaking Down the Barriers
by Bernadette Wolff

Misha Bittleston ¦ 2004-01-13-Untitled    Misha Bittleston is a prodigy of illusory genius who well understands the electromagnetic theory that opposites attract. He encourages thesis and antithesis to ever mingle in his phantasmagoric works, where tiny pockets of energy migrate from positive to negative, where black dalliances with white and yes gives way to no. He persuades us into the bosom of his truth by breaking down the barriers until what's ours is his, and what's his is ours.

   He sees with the mosaic eyes of a dragonfly, and with a microscopist's view and the radar of a bat, he mines the deepest layers of the substrata. Sifting out truth, he reaches high up into the unfathomable, molting, exfoliating, paring away the external until he achieves concussive revelations about the subconscious, intuiting reason as he unravels our clutter. With intoxicating rhythm he creates spectacular works that bear all the intensity of a primal scream, the intrigue of a chance encounter, and the white fury of his most brazen kiss.

   You'll become unglued in his adult wonderland when you meet winged chimera that morph into volcanic lions, as you watch cities melt into hell forests and hear embryos speak from the womb. Enjoy the miscellany of the muted and the bold, the fragile and the rugged as you travel through images upon images of satyrs and demons, angels and leprechauns. And as you visit his otherworldly Mardi Gras, as you witness pods floating amid endoplasmic liquid and, as you voyage through unpitying images of forsaken dreams and expectant fantasies so distinctly Bittleston, recall your own youthful vision that was once so firm, so unmistakably real--that idyllic Atlantis, where black and white explode into an epiphany of color, where greatness and diminution, impression and expression, truth and fiction peaceably coexist.

   Don't remain lost in limbo. Come take a white-knuckled ride through this Disney Land of the unexpected. Sweep away yesterday's dust. Experience Bittleston's excruciating wisdom on this necessary journey within. It challenges. It defies anonymity. Let it be your instrument of change. It's a dream you won't want to wake up from.

Bernadette Wolff (New Jersey, USA)
Bernadette Wolff Author of crime fiction and poetry. ‘These Four Walls: Selected Poems’ available through Full Court Press.


Born near Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Bernadette M. Wolff attended Hussian School of Commercial Art and moved to New Jersey in the mid seventies, where she worked in the medical profession for eighteen years, receiving her RMA and MT at American Business Academy in Hackensack, New Jersey.

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