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Write A Critique:

Write an essay on the art of Misha Bittleston and receive a signed print of the work you wrote about.

Open to all writers.
Selected entries and information about writers to be published on this site and in a forthcoming book.


  1. The subject of your essay should be one or more of Bittleston's works.
  2. Your entry may be of any length.
  3. Your entry must be your own, in English and original.
  4. Only selected entries will be published. We reserve the right to publish your essay.
  5. Your essay should have a title, and be spell and grammar checked.
  6. Your essay may be one or a combination of any written forms such as: analysis, criticism, critique, description, essay, evaluation, observation, review.
  7. You may enter as many essays as you wish, but no more than two will be selected by a single author.
  8. You will be notified within a month if your essay has been selected. If you have not been contacted within 30 days, you may assume that your entry is not selected.
  9. No fee is required to enter.
  10. The call for essays has been open since June, and is still open now; it is ongoing until sufficient entries have been received, there is no deadline.
  11. Note to professional writers and editors: This is an unorthodox project for those who want to write about art, it is not a professional full or part-time writing job.
  12. Any of the above rules are subject to change without notice.

How to Enter:

Essays can be sent by contact form only to the contact form below.

Include your name, address, phone number, email address, as well as your location and vocation, above your essay or in the body of the message.

Additionally, describe something notable or unusual about you, include a short bio and if possible include a link to your picture.

Send your entry by email, as an attachment or as text within your email, to:

For some examples, please see this page:

To receive payment by PayPal, please indicate the email address of your PayPal account; otherwise payment will be made payable to you and sent by check to the address given in your submission.

Additional guidelines:
The essays that have not been selected have been those that: were so general that they could almost have been about anything; changed the subject; were composed of generic praise or artspeak; confusing and made no sense; were repurposed.
Write from the heart, keep it simple; the content is more important.
This project about what happens when thoughts, theories, stories and ideas are created in response to visual art.

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