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Good is not good,
Bad is not bad,
God is not god.

I'll be back with the truth when I get rid of the facts.

One to another we plead our case as if we were plaintiffs before the magistrate of existence.

To that from which we take we are given, from that to which we give we are taken.

The consumer world is a carnival, boasting infinite variety but beneath the exotic costumes, all things are the same.

Why am I always something I've never been?

There is no love because there is no justice in this world because there is no love, love is justice.

The lucky believe that they followed their hearts. The unlucky believe that they followed their heads. Those that are free suspend belief and lead where no one can follow.

Living Mortals Dying Immortals. To be mortal is to have died. To be immortal is to have lived.

What I waited for never came

I want to be all here

The heads of the world do little more than find confusing ways to account for the obvious.

If the meaning of life is neither one thing nor another nor both nor either what's left?

The pointlessness lies in that time and space move seamlessly

Existential disappointment is a byproduct of the belief that there is a point to existence

Whether within or outside perceptions, all things contain the total, all points are false idols of the past or future.

The meaning of life is, Continuity.

Nothing can exist, except that it be denied.

Work is not hard, rest is not easy

We can only see our own world, the infinite panorama of our own imagination.

The child asks always: Are we there yet? The sleeper does not ask: When shall we wake?

The visible is almost full of the invisible.

The visible is either too full, or almost empty.

That which cannot be found is inescapably present in the breath of every moment.

To say anything about god is to say exactly nothing.

Restfully and indifferently immerse the mind in meaninglessness, become like god.

I create to become more like my creator. I create to become my own creator. I want to be my greatest creation.

The door to the self is reality, the light of reality streams in to us through the windows of paradox.

Everyone you see is a door to another world within yourself.

When things are up, one thinks only of them getting better, one's mind being absent from conflict. When things are down, one thinks only of them being worse, one's mind being absent from harmony.

The only lasting cure for depression is expression

It is hard to color the mind with its complement but it is the way to happiness.

Bliss is where the highest touches the lowest in us.

Our fears are in disguise, closed behind our open eyes.

The artist, born to an innocent world, of flowers eating flowers.

What is not within you, has no substance.

Because truth reveals the mystery, because mystery reveals the truth.

Nothing is right until it has passed away, nowhere is right until it has been left behind.

The beginning of a true morality, is the end of all justification.

I believe ultimately, that there is no self. My definition of art is: no-self expression.

To love God: Love the unknowable; Adore the unimaginable; Cherish the inconceivable; Treasure the unthinkable.

The desire for the possessions of others can never be satisfied.

It is fine to be grumpy, so long as you are good at it.

If you have failed you haven't begun.

Strive to be unexceptional in character and exceptional in deed.

When money is the heart, life is the stomach.
If life is consumption, love is digestion.

Finally I am ready to enlighten myself because nothing's different

Maintaining peace of mind is a thinkless task.

At every instant, in the counting of the universe, it has counted to infinity.

The lazy mind turns often to generalized forms of criticism and judgment, for these are the intellectual substitutes for creativity, because they are creativity's antidote.

Those who are crippled by need for love, god abandons, hiding in their hearts.

Those who know who we were, we mistrust in telling us about who we are.

Most of what we talk about we neither think about nor wish to understand.

In the material world, first we experience something, then we believe in it, in the abstract world, first we believe in something and then we experience it.

Forgiveness is poetry, the other kind makes sense.

To be an artist you have to be rich, to be rich you have to be a crappy artist.

The hardest task is to make life easy, for it requires no effort. Give in to believing, achieve without trying; only the effort that creates ease, can fight a war that brings peace.

Discipline brings happiness like imprisonment brings freedom.

Success poisons creativity.

Fools aren't simple, the fool looks for wisdom in what's distant and complicated. The wise find wisdom within a hand's reach, and pull truth out of simplicity.

If everything is unique, then nothing is as unique as the everyday.

People are more important than ideas.

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