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Welcome the art poll. Please share your opinion on one or all of the following topics:

What is your relationship to art and painting?
Do you care about subject matter when viewing abstract painting?
Vote for the subject matter you think I should paint:
From a purely visual point of view which subject matter is most sexually charged?
Which color makes you think of sex?
Is Black A Color?
Is contemporary painting more influenced by the art of painting or photography?
Is contemporary painting related to both painting and photography, only to painting, or only to photography?
Do you believe that viewing a work of art can be life changing?
Have you ever purchased a work of art at an exhibition or gallery?
Have you purchased a work of art in the last year?
Might you purchase a work of art in the next year?
What is the maximum you would spend on a work of art by an emerging artist?
Is painting dead?
When is a Painting Finished?

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